Sweet, cool & clean drinking water delivered to your home protected by the durability, strength & inertness of concrete.

warningWhen installed, empty underground plastic or fiberglass water tanks have a tendency to float when ground water levels increase if not provided with a concrete base or anchored down correctly. Plastic and fiberglass tanks construction does not possess the structural strength and durability of concrete.

Concrete Water Tanks

Diston WasteWater Technology utilizes engineered concrete water tanks in the majority of our installed sewage treatment plants. These same concrete water tanks provide strong tanks that can be installed as domestic or commercial rainwater harvesting solutions. Some of the advantages for considering the installation of an Underground Diston Water Tank is they maintain a constant cool water temperature as concrete and soil provides an insulation blanked to the stored water volume. Above ground tanks are subject to atmospheric conditions resulting in wide temperature fluctuations of the residual stored water volume.

Victoria recently experienced the worst bushfires in documented history. Proactive and preemptive preparation is vital in rural areas. To safeguard water storage volumes during a fire event, concrete is non-combustible & coupled with submersible pressure pumps, provides a great fire fighting capability. Victoria routinely experiences drought. Local, State & Federal governments are well aware of this fact & have activated a number of initiatives, including rebates on water tanks, to help you as the consumer to reduce your reliance on mains water.

Real estate is expensive and land area for use is at a premium, hence every square meter is of great value. The higher capital cost of installing underground is offset by the potential value added to the property & smaller footprint. Diston water tanks can be installed at ground level or a riser can be placed on the manhole to totally conceal the tank below ground (recommended if installed under lawns or in gardens). Due to the calcium carbonate (CaCO3) in the concrete, pH is kept slightly above 7. This reduces the potential to dissolve heavy metals and positively charged clay particles, in other words the water.

For further care Diston WasteWater recommend installing either a prefilter on the inlets or a sand/carbon filter on your drinking tap to further enhance the sweetness.

  • Eligible for Government water grants & rebates
  • Can be installed underground without risk of floatation or collapsing
  • No risk of leaching potentially harmful chemicals from tank walls
  • Saves yard space with underground installation
  • Water is maintained at a cool refreshing temperature
  • Inconspicuous underground installed tank is aesthetically pleasing
  • Able to withstand bush fires
  • Keeps water pH levels consistent