Diston Wastewater Technology


Fyansford Hotel


Fyansford Hotel


Fynsford VIC

Wastewater Treatment Plant Loading

15,500L/day 21,800grams BOD/day

Completion Date


The Fyansford Hotel was erected in 1854-55 on the eastern side of the Moorabool River within walking distance of the newly built timber bridge. This popular pub includes children’s play rooms bistro and function rooms.

Upon renovation of their facilities, Fyansford Hotel approached DWW to upgrade their very basic sewage treatment plant as connection to sewer mains was not yet available. However, they had been promised by authorities that they would have the mains connection available within 4 years. Rather than sending hundreds of thousands of dollars of capital outright purchasing a new treatment plant just for the short term, DWW proposed a rental agreement of a sewage treatment plant to tie them over until the mains connection became available. This has worked well and is equivalent to paying a staff member with the benefit of 100% of the rental fee able to be tax deductable as opposed to 2-2.5% of a treatment plant purchased outright*. The advantage of the rental is that the client knows the fees per months covers them for serving, parts and warranty. DWW organised an agreement with the council to reuse the treated effluent on the local public park to keep the lawns green.

*for professional advice on taxation matters please consult your accountant or for further information please visit www.ato.gov.au