Diston Wastewater Technology

Community Shire

Windana Drug & Alcohol recovery centre


Windana Drug & Alcohol recovery centre


Nar Nar Goon North, VIC

Wastewater Treatment Plant Loading

28,500L/day 17,400 grams BOD/day

Completion Date


Since 1984, Windana has helped thousands of people overcome their alcohol and other drug use to lead healthy, productive and rewarding lives. Their evidence-informed approach and client-centered services help people achieve their full potential.

Windana is more than a place of drug and alcohol recovery, it’s a community.

DWW were approached to engineer a sewage treatment plant with minimal footprint as land area was of high priority. DWW was able to design and install a large storage tank rather than a dam which also minimised safety risks to the guests and land impact area. DWW Worked in harmony with the Aboriginal elders and after careful studies were undertaken,it was decided the effluent was able to be reused in the bush area whilst ensuring no loss of indigenous plants.