Diston Wastewater Technology


Pitruzzello Estate


Sebastiano Pitruzzello


West Sunbury

Sebastiano Pitruzzello

29,200 litres/day & 31,000 grams of BOD/day

Completion Date



Pitruzzello Estate was established in 2002 on a 63.46Ha (156.8 acre) site located off Mundy Road west of Sunbury.  The site occupies a North East facing slope of land of granitic intrusion.


The site has been established with a large industrial building with the capacity to have a winery and a commercial olive pressing facility.  This olive mill utilises the latest technology with a three stage press and is capable of pressing 3 tonnes per hour.  The bulk of the site is planted to a 40 Ha olive grove and 13 Ha vineyard.


The premise has a small coffee shop and tasting rooms for the public, and also has a four bedroom manager’s residence.


Diston Wastewater installed a wastewater treatment plant and also provide guidance and EPA approval to handle to olive waste onsite.