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Pelican Shores Estate


Pelican Shores Estate


Leopold – CORIO BAY

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The Pelican Shores Estate is a combined caravan park and cabin residential park focused on the over 55’s age group. The site immediately abuts Corio Bay at Leopold.

The Pelican Shores Holiday Park occupies a 5.5Ha site that has one of the few freehold frontages to Corio Bay. The site has a mix of cabins, residential sites and casual sites and has a capacity of 780 persons at peak periods, although generally trades well below this level in line with caravan park use across southern Victoria.

Diston Wastewater Technology is continually improving the parks environmental management and just recently installed a primary sludge digestion tank and automatic sludge return system. This saved the client instantly $10,000.00 in sludge eduction costs as the thick mixed liquor was transported to the new tank for digestion and has also reduced the maintenance requirements in the future.