Diston Wastewater Technology


National Detector Dog Facility




Sunbury – Shire of Bulla, Victoria

Wastewater Treatment Plant Loading

22,000 litres/day 11,200 grams of BOD/day

Completion Date


The facility is set on 8.9 hectares and comprises approximately 3,300 sqm of dog kennels, multiple dog day runs, several houses simulating typical residential homes and a simulation/training building of 1,185 sqm with mock airport baggage handling facilities. The site also hosts a kennel support hub of circa 980 sqm inclusive of veterinarian facilities in addition to a 1,600 sqm administration facility. The new facility housing the Detector Dog Program capitalised on an opportunity to co-locate the operations of both the Detector Dog Training Centre and the National Breeding and Development Centre making this development the biggest of it’s type in the Southern Hemisphere. Diston Wastewater installed an aboveground wastewater treatment plant (picture to the left) and a state of the art irrigation system for controlled watering outside of the pens. This project is under a lifetime maintenance regime.