Diston Wastewater Technology

Community Shire

Mount Moriac Reserve


Surf Coast Shire


805 Reservoir Road, MT Moriac, Victoria

Wastewater Treatment Plant Loading

13,500 litres/day 4,000 grams of BOD/day

Completion Date


Mount Moriac Recreation Reserve is located in the beautiful Surf Coast Shire. The reserve has a large range of facilities available for community use including a large pavilion that can be used for functions, two sporting ovals, club rooms, netball courts, tennis courts and a pony club.

Diston Wastewater was commissioned by the Surf Coast Shire to design, deliver and install a wastewater treatment plant and upgrade its’ current irrigation system. Diston Wastewater also assisted in the pre-project consulting works and liaised with local authorities and the EPA during the approval process.

This project is also maintained regularly by Diston Wastewater to ensure longevity of the system.