Diston Wastewater Technology


Drouin West Primary School


Department of Education


Drouin West Victoria

Wastewater Treatment Plant Loading

4,375/day 4,375 grams of BOD/day

Completion Date


Drouin West Primary School originally opened in 1874 -making it the oldest school in the area of West Gippsland- is now located on the Main Neerim Road 7.5 kilometres from the main Drouin Township. The population of 182 students is drawn from the township of Drouin. Students also come from towns further away including Noojee, Neerim South, Warragul, Labertouche and Rokeby.

The facilities have been extended and upgraded in recent years to install a Diston Wastewater Sewage Treatment Plant and pulse irrigation system. Due to the high rainfall in this area the system not discharge within 24hr of a rainfall event.